COVID-19 Statement

During the COVID-19 crisis, we want to make sure our customers, staff and business associates feel comfortable with what The Vault Catering is doing as a company to ensure everyone’s safety. As a food company, we have always followed very strict cleaning and sanitization procedures when it comes to preparing, storing and transporting food. But since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been taking an even more aggressive approach including the following:

  • All kitchen and delivery staff wear masks and disposable gloves at all times during food
    preparation and delivery
  • No more than three (3) staff members are allowed to work in our kitchen or prep areas at the
    same time
  • Complete sterilization of all work and prep surfaces prior to any food prep and immediately after
  • Sterile handling of all packaging and transportation material

We will continue to follow all CDC and Tacoma Pierce County Health Department guidelines and
recommendations. Rest assured that the safety of our customers and our staff is our sole focus at this

Policy on Postponement or Cancellation of an Event

We understand this is a difficult time for our clients. In many cases, upcoming wedding and event dates
are having to be rescheduled or cancelled altogether. In an effort to make these challenges easier on our clients, we are allowing all deposits made for 2020 events to be extended into 2021. Accordingly, no additional deposit nor change fee will be required to move the date of your event through December of next year, as long as the date you’re requesting is available.

For cancelled events, please understand that your deposit is non-refundable. Those funds were not only used to secure your date, but were directed toward labor and expenses in the planning of your event to this point, including venue coordination, menu tastings, rental estimates, etc. However, we would like to offer two options for your deposit.

  1. Apply the full deposit to a future event in 2020 or 2021, perhaps an anniversary party or graduation
    event (on a mutually agreeable date).
  2. Receive a food credit of $250 to be used toward any of our Cuisine-To-You menu items or box
    lunches. We simply ask that you spend the entire credit on one meal package.

We hope that one of these solutions is helpful during this difficult time. Please feel free to reach out and let us know how we can best help you moving forward. For more information regarding our COVID-19 response or modifying your event, please email us at